Cnc Porting

CNC Porting And Flow Bench Service – Optimize air flow in the cylinder heads.

Increasing air flow to an engine is a great way to increase torque and horsepower. Porting reduces irregularities, flaws and obstructions in the intake and exhaust ports and chambers. Most importantly, the port shape is altered to dramatically improve flow at low, mid and high valve lifts. This re-surfacing results in an increased, even amount of air flow entering and exiting the heads which in turn improves horsepower and engine performance.

MPG uses a computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine to insure that all porting is uniform and precise. Each chamber and port is duplicated by machine, providing shape and consistency usually unobtainable with hand porting.

To develop a program for a cylinder head, we start by hand porting the head, combined with flow bench testing to create the most efficient port possible. We then move to dyno testing. We refine the porting based on the test results until optimum airflow is achieved. When the design is finalized, it is programmed into our CNC database for use. The end result of this careful testing and refinement is maximum power for your engine.

MPG currently has well over 100 different CNC programs on file including one for the Victor 460 intake manifold.

Prices Start From $850.ºº – Call Us At 303-762-8196 For Pricing Quotes And To Order.

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