351-302 Port Plates

Flat Tongue Port Plates

The plates fit between the intake manifold and exhaust manifold and cylinder head. Exhaust side: The MPG port plates’ special tongue shape fills the floor area, allowing more airflow through a smaller port. Bolt on 20 HP and 20 ft lbs of torque and increase the velocity of airflow through your cylinder heads without reducing flow. There is no cutting or welding of the cylinder head and the plates attach using existing bolts. Made of high quality stamped steel and reusable.

  • $89.95 for the complete kit.
  • Intake and exhaust plates available separately.

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Stinger, Round Tongue Port Plates

Our flat tongue exhaust port plates provide big gains in flow. Even more flow can be coaxed from these ports by choosing the round tongue “Stinger” port plate. MPG’s stinger port plates are cast in bronze and then machined to exacting specifications. The result is a substantial increase in power. Our stinger port plates are combined with the 351C Intake Port Plates.

351C, 4BBL, Boss 302 Port Plate Set (Intake & Exhaust)$89.95
351C Stinger Port Plates, Exhaust Only$235.95
351C Stinger Port Plates, Intake & Exhaust$255.00

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Installation instructions

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