C8-C9-D0VE Port Plates

C8, C9 And D0VE Heads

The Dove Heads exhaust ports quit flowing above .500 valve lift, limiting the torque and horsepower of the engine. We recommend removing the ERG boss in the roof of the port and performing the usual bowl blending etc. We also recommend that there be no grinding of the port floor because its already too low from the factory. Like the 351C, bolting MPG Port Plates onto the exhaust side, is an instant way to solve the exhaust port flow problems. The plate will help any C8, C9, DOVE head ported or not, and gives you optimal anti-reversion qualities.

  • Bolt-On Technology
  • Add 25 Horsepower
  • No Modifications Necessary
  • Increases Exhaust Airflow To .700 Lift
  • Only .100 Thick At Flange
  • 8 Individual Exhaust Plates mMade Of 882-10 Everdoor Bronze
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Only $255.00
C8, C9 And DOVE Heads Exhaust Ports$255.00

Please Call MPG Head Service At 303-762-8196 To Order.
Installation instructions

Dove Port plate

Dove Plate Cut-Away Click Image For Larger View

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