Shackle Eliminator

Improve The 60′ Acceleration 1 To 2 10ths


MPG’s Shackle Eliminator increases the acceleration of your leaf spring car. When accelerating, the shackle moves in an arc and changes the car’s center of gravity. Due to the rotation of the driveshaft, the right rear tire is lifted off the ground under hard acceleration. When this happens, the leaf spring is straightened and pushes the stock shackle toward the rear of the car. MPG’s Shackle Eliminator Kit limits the reverse travel of the spring and the right rear tire unloads less resulting in harder, straighter launches.


MPG’s easy to install Shackle Eliminator Kit allows the leaf spring to glide a predetermined amount. The kit also provides for adjustable ride height.

MPG Shackle Eliminator Kit$299.95

For Shipping Costs And To Order, Please Call MPG Head Service At 303-762-8196

G Shackle Eliminator

MPG Shackle Eliminator Installed

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