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T5 Cross Member

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Secure your upgraded 5-speed transmission on your classic Ford.

Upgrading your classic ('64-'70) Mustang to a T-5 5-speed transmission? The MPG T-5 Cross Member is your key to easy, secure installation. The MPG T-5 Cross Member allows easy installation of 5-speed transmission. This cross member replaces the factory transmission cross member to secure your T-5 transmission. The T-5 transmission offers a lower 1st gear ratio for quicker off the line performance. Additionally, 5th gear is overdriven for easy highway cruising and fuel economy.

The factory transmission cross member on your classic ('64-'70) Mustang is not compatible with the new T-5. The MPG T-5 Cross Member allows you to bolt up the T-5 to your classic. Get all the features of the newer transmission in your classic Mustang with the MPG T-5 Cross Member!

Good looking black oxide finish.

Product Price
T-5 Cross Member '64-66 $125.95
T-5 Cross Member '67-70 $125.95

For shipping costs and to order, please call MPG Head Service at 303-762-8196

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