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Oiling Kit
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Oil Line
351 Cleveland Pump Kit
Oil Line
429 - 460 Pump Kit

Improve your oiling system's performance.

The MPG Oiling Kit is a performance bolt-on oiling kit that directs oil from the front oil galley above the oil filter to the rod and main bearings. This kit prioritizes oil flow to the main and rod bearings for increased protection in high horsepower and high RPM motors. For 351C/429-460 high performance Ford engines.
Kit includes:

  • External Oil Line
  • A Blue Printed High Volume Oil Pump (optional)
  • Cam Bearing And Rocker Arm Restrictors (with pump)
  • All Parts Are Available Separately
Product Price
351C Oiling Kit with Pump $145.00
351C Oiling Kit - Line Only $75.00
429/460 CJ Oiling Kit with Pump $180.00
429/460 Oiling Kit - Line Only $75.00

For shipping costs and to order, please call MPG Head Service at 303-762-8196.
Installation instructions

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