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Motor Mount Header Kit

2" Motor Mount - header kit

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Ground Clearance

Hood Clearance

Hood Clearance

Install a 385 Series Big Block engine in your '67-'70 Mustang or Cougar! This kit allows installation of any 385 series big block engine into a classic '67-'70 Mustang. This kit lets you use a C-6 or C-4 transmission. Using a four speed transmission is possible but requires customer modifications. The MPG Motor Mount Header Kit also allows space for your Power brake booster. It also uses stock engine compartment & shock towers, (no firewall modifications required) stock transmission cross member and shift linkage., as well as the stock hood with no hood scoop required.

The 2", four into 1 headers are easy to install and do not hang below the stock oil pan. This kit will work with the stock steering box, idler arm & drag link and can be compatible with power steering iwith some customer modifications. You can even run a stock, big block F.E. radiator if desired.

No other kit has the correct engine height . This kit positions the engine slightly lower while maintaining acceptable oil-pan clearance. Some slight oil pan modifications are necessary if stock sway bar is to be used. Kit is compatible with most aftermarket sway bars.

Product Price
2" Motor Mount - Header Kit $785.00
2" Motor Mount - Ceramic Coated Header Kit $1065.00

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