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Main Cap


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351 Windsor

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Increase the main cap stability in your high performance engine.

Factory installed 2-bolt main caps can flex in high horsepower situations. MPG Main Cap Support Kits reduce the chance of damage from a broken main cap in your high performance engine. The MPG main Cap Support Kit Features:

  • As Strong As A 4-Bolt Main Cap
  • Easy Bolt-On Technology
  • Spreads Crankshaft Forces And Harmonics Among All 5 Main Caps
  • Kit Includes Main Studs, Nuts, Washers And Support Girdle
  • Fits 302, 351 Windsor Ford Engines
  • Works With MPG Pro Windage Tray

Product Price
302 Main Cap Support Kit $199.95
351 W Main Cap Support Kit $269.95

For shipping costs and to order, please call MPG Head Service at 303-762-8196


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