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MPG Head Service, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Scott Main. With 6 NHRA National records, an NHRA World Championship and numerous national, division and local wins, Scott has a wealth of racing experience. This along with his engineering expertise has resulted in innovative, affordable performance technology for classic Ford owners. His patented products include Port Plates, Black Max Windage™ Tray Kits, Export Brace Kits, and Header and Motor Mount Kits.

In 1996 MPG Head Service was the recipient of the P.R.I. Best New Product award, a prestigious Performance Racing Industry award. His products have been featured in racing magazines such as Super Ford and Car Craft.

All MPG Head Service products are the result of innumerable hours of flow bench, drag strip and dyno research and development. MPG utilizes a computer controlled manufacturing process to assure precision and quality. All products undergo rigorous testing and quality checks.

At MPG, the focus is on making components as easy to install as they are effective. In most cases they work with stock parts and are installed with tools found in your garage. MPG Head Service products are often imitated but never duplicated. When you order from MPG Head Service, you get high quality parts AND the technical expertise to assist you in choosing the right product for your application.

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